Marsha Vayvada



Size counts. Folio is a small, woman-owned firm with a dedicated, full-time staff of singular individuals who bring
to the table a host of
diverse skills, from photography and illustration to direct mail and marketing. We work as a team and consider each client as important as the next. Your mission is significant to us. Our mission is to create materials that exceed your expectations, excite your audience, and improve your business.

WHAT WE DO   Powered by collaborative thinking

Our passion for collaboration refers not merely to our internal teamwork, but also to our ability to integrate our clients' needs and desires into our process. This approach yields materials that rise above any one individual's efforts. At Folio we take the time to listen carefully to your goals and ideas, and with you we'll develop a visual plan that communicates your message with clarity, creativity and consistency.

We've worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as mom-and-pop startups. We are focused on doing both our best work and doing our best for our clients—maximizing budgets, managing projects, and meeting deadlines. We strive to responsibly steward the trust that you place in us.

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